Kamis, Oktober 29, 2009

New record! World's Longest beard

This record has not been updated until the end Sarwan measuring a few months ago. The results of these measurements will be sent to the Guinness World of Records for verification. While based on the Guinness World Record, the owner of the world's longest beard is Hans Langseth from Norway, 17 feet 6 inches or 5.4 meters. But Hans had died. While female record holder for longest beard is Deveree Janice in 1884.

Having a very long beard is actually separate problem for Singh, because he often stumbled. While to hide it has any trouble because his beard is too long. However, Singh himself was determined not to cut the beard troubled, though the risk is it becomes a little inconvenience. He admitted a lot of time wasted just to deal with the beard.

Singh is a Sikh school teacher. He did not want to attract the attention of his students, because every time he wrapped up his beard teaching.

"A beard is the blessing of God but I do not want to flaunt it in school, eliminating the concentration of learning my students," said the father of two children who are humble.

Singh is one of the few people who study the teachings of the Sikh who had the honor of singing hymns at the Golden Temple (Golden Temple) in Punjab

There, Singh along with 150-200 Sikhs who also has a long beard will show off their beards at the general public without hidden. It would be troublesome, because hundreds of Sikhs were going to let their long beard hanging down. They have to walk carefully in order not to fall.

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Minggu, Oktober 18, 2009

Saw Shark, Rare Animal Of Sentani Lake

A saw shark looks pretty scary. But it doesn't mean that it becomes ruler of rivers. The evidence suggests that the population of Pristidae continues to shrink. Shark saws are popular with the name of Pari fish or Sharks Sentani because it was in Sentani Lake, Papua. People overseas call Largetooth Jawfish which means big-toothed shark.

The fish that spread in Australia, India, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and Thailand are classified as freshwater resident and they love tropics. Usually they live in large lakes, big rivers or a particular swamp. In Indonesia, a saw sharks can be found in Digul River, Mahakam River (Borneo), the Siak River, and Sepih River.

They like to prey on fish that have medium size or smaller body. The size of the saw shark's body is fairly large, can be 6.6 meters. Its mouth covered with sharp teeth is powerful enough to paralyze their prey quickly. Yet according to some experts, saw of the shark's eyes isn't too good, and even tend to blur. They rely more on the power of smell is pretty sharp.

Its body is relatively slim compared with similar sharks. This causes them to swim with a speed above the average and easily shot chasing prey. This type of shark is black-gray. Lower body color is more pale or whitish. Shark's body color is quite varied, depending on where their habitat.

Fish with the muzzle mouth are started difficult to find. So they are entered in the list of Red List, the list of protected species because these sharks are almost extinct. This fish population declined due to increasingly limited habitat their lives, as more increasingly human population. In addition, they are often hunted by irresponsible fish collectors. Even local residents are often caught because it is considered as a predator other fish. Even local residents are often caught because it is considered as a predator other fish.

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Jumat, Oktober 16, 2009

The First Underground Stadium in the World

A surprise came from Qatar. Imagine, when the people in the world only knows sports stadium on the ground, then Qatar will soon have the luxury stadium that is under ground. This is the world's first stadium built in the basement. Not just a regular stadium, also the completeness of world-class facilities. one of them is the stadium is equipped with air conditioning, so the air here will feel cool even though the audience was packed.

Qatar seemed to spoil everything, not just spectators but also the players, the facilities provided for it really inconveniences the people who are in it. This is one step forward in the context of Qatar as a potential host the upcoming 2018 World Cup. Reportedly, the construction will begin early next year. This is a long and complicated journey. For information, this huge stadium was built in Qatar's capital underground, Doha.

What is the reason to build a stadium in Qatar with crazy ideas?

Turns out, when everyone was transfixed watching all the shows done at the stadium on the ground, and did not want to bother thinking about other creative ideas, Qatar wants to precede. This country wants to be listed as the first country to build a stadium in the basement. A big step and certainly will be recorded and remembered throughout the world.

Imagine, how complex the construction of sports stadium because of its position under the ground. Imagine also how much money is invested in the project. But all is not going to beat the pride of Qatar, which became the first country to have a sports stadium in the basement.

Maybe this is an opportunity for Qatar to apply to become a World Cup host. Unfortunately, the stadium seating capacity of only 11,000 people. Less so for large sporting events like the World Cup. So, no matter how this is one effort to draw attention to the great football event could be present in the country.

these are the pictures...

*) from above ground

*) Here are the plans

Source : http://www.theoffside.com

The fate of Facebook and Twitter in 2009

According to metric web provider, Hitwise, facebook traffic has now reached 200 percent from last year. Analyzed from 10 million surfers in the U.S. than 1 million different addresses, Facebook is a social networking site number one, and Facebook claims to have mastered 60 percent of the market from 154 other competitors. Site Facebook has 300 million users from around the world, a significant number of many users who connect to the Internet. They already have a Facebook account and always connected with the status updates and quiz games.

Facebook has also announced that it has made land a new money by buying rival networking sites, FriendFeed. After that, Facebook is also mimic features of the style tags '@' Twitter for user identification and tag the wall post. In fact, Facebook is always watching his rival actions, and learn from mistakes rival to give success to Facebook, and make sure not going to be the next MySpace.

According to Hitwise, MySpace has more than two-thirds of the total marketing social networking site last year. However, since September 2008, MySpace has lost 55 percent of its market to 30 percent, or half of Facebook. MySpace was a social networking site of the most widely used and the number of users on average use of 26 minutes, then dropped 10 percent since 2008.

In contrast to what was happening to Twitter. Twitter only 0:15 percent gain marketing social networking site last year. Twitter also has increased more than 100 percent from 2008, but still controlled 5 percent of the total market of social networking sites. According to Hitwise, social networking traffic as a whole rose 62 percent from last year, and more than half the traffic comes from social networking users age 18 hinga 34 years.

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Senin, Oktober 12, 2009

Exterminate Acne with Tomatoes

Acne on the face often becomes a serious problem for women. Infection of the skin surface can even make women stress and loss of confidence. Especially when the anti-acne products can never heal.

Do not be easily frustrated in healing acne. Try the natural way to heal acne by using tomato fruit. Lycopene content of tomatoes is very efficacious for skin health.

Content of protein, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamin A, B1, and C owned tomatoes, is good as a mask. Not only can make acne dry, tomatoes are also nutritious black stain of acne scars.

How to make a mask of tomato:
- Mix two tomatoes in a blender
- Add lemon juice, mix well

How to use:
- Apply to the face and neck before bed
- Allow up to early morning
- Rinse with warm water

For smoothing facial treatments, masks tomatoes can also be used on a regular basis. After the face and neck covered with tomatoes and lemon mixture, do gentle massage for 15 minutes. After that wash with warm water.

Source : www.kaskus.us

Tully, The Amazing Duck

This duck had to undergo emergency surgery after surviving for several days with a 4-inch nail embedded in the skull. Poultry, called Tully by a veterinarian, had been shot in the head with a nail gun. But it took three days to catch Tully to be saved from the nails that come out of both sides of the head.

Once caught, Tully was taken for emergency surgery at the vet in Devon Meadows, Victoria, in Australia.

After being caught, then the veterinarian did emergency surgery to Tully in Devon Meadows, Victoria, Australia.

After giving Tully an anesthetic, the vet finally could remove the nail that pierced his head that's only 4 mm from the eye.

Nigel Williamson, 43, from Australia Animal Rescue, was the first who saw Tully, he said: "before trying to catch him, I saw the duck was still able to find food, swimming, and doing things that should be a duck, with a nail in its head". "The duck did not seem to care about it at all, but in good health".

Mr Williamson added: "We do not know who did it but we saw many ducks were hurt when the school holidays, may be the children".

"It's really a cruel act that unbelievable. It's hard to believe that someone wanted to do something like this. Fortunately the duck recovered quickly."

Tully spent 10 days in a course of antibiotics to stop infection before being released.

Source : www.kaskus.us

Sabtu, Oktober 10, 2009

Obama Win Nobel Peace Prize

President of the United States, Barack Obama won nobel peace 2009. The Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to give awards to Obama, Friday, October 9, 2009, for trying to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation among nations.

The decision of the Committee for the Nobel peace prize awarded to a president who was barely 9 months in power, and has not recorded a major success in the major policies in foreign policy, surprised many observers and sparked international pros and cons.

This decision surprised observers because the Obama's official served him as president less than two weeks before the nomination deadline nobel on February 1. Many Nobel watchers argued the time is still too early to confer nobel for him.

The Committee praised Obama steps to hold the Muslim world and prevent the development of nuclear weapons. "Very few people like Obama who can seize the attention of the world and gives us hope for the future better.

Multilateral diplomacy occupies a central position again, with an emphasis on the task undertaken by the United Nations and international institutions ", according to the Nobel committee.

Source : Kedaulatan Rakyat
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