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The fate of Facebook and Twitter in 2009

According to metric web provider, Hitwise, facebook traffic has now reached 200 percent from last year. Analyzed from 10 million surfers in the U.S. than 1 million different addresses, Facebook is a social networking site number one, and Facebook claims to have mastered 60 percent of the market from 154 other competitors. Site Facebook has 300 million users from around the world, a significant number of many users who connect to the Internet. They already have a Facebook account and always connected with the status updates and quiz games.

Facebook has also announced that it has made land a new money by buying rival networking sites, FriendFeed. After that, Facebook is also mimic features of the style tags '@' Twitter for user identification and tag the wall post. In fact, Facebook is always watching his rival actions, and learn from mistakes rival to give success to Facebook, and make sure not going to be the next MySpace.

According to Hitwise, MySpace has more than two-thirds of the total marketing social networking site last year. However, since September 2008, MySpace has lost 55 percent of its market to 30 percent, or half of Facebook. MySpace was a social networking site of the most widely used and the number of users on average use of 26 minutes, then dropped 10 percent since 2008.

In contrast to what was happening to Twitter. Twitter only 0:15 percent gain marketing social networking site last year. Twitter also has increased more than 100 percent from 2008, but still controlled 5 percent of the total market of social networking sites. According to Hitwise, social networking traffic as a whole rose 62 percent from last year, and more than half the traffic comes from social networking users age 18 hinga 34 years.

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