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Saw Shark, Rare Animal Of Sentani Lake

A saw shark looks pretty scary. But it doesn't mean that it becomes ruler of rivers. The evidence suggests that the population of Pristidae continues to shrink. Shark saws are popular with the name of Pari fish or Sharks Sentani because it was in Sentani Lake, Papua. People overseas call Largetooth Jawfish which means big-toothed shark.

The fish that spread in Australia, India, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and Thailand are classified as freshwater resident and they love tropics. Usually they live in large lakes, big rivers or a particular swamp. In Indonesia, a saw sharks can be found in Digul River, Mahakam River (Borneo), the Siak River, and Sepih River.

They like to prey on fish that have medium size or smaller body. The size of the saw shark's body is fairly large, can be 6.6 meters. Its mouth covered with sharp teeth is powerful enough to paralyze their prey quickly. Yet according to some experts, saw of the shark's eyes isn't too good, and even tend to blur. They rely more on the power of smell is pretty sharp.

Its body is relatively slim compared with similar sharks. This causes them to swim with a speed above the average and easily shot chasing prey. This type of shark is black-gray. Lower body color is more pale or whitish. Shark's body color is quite varied, depending on where their habitat.

Fish with the muzzle mouth are started difficult to find. So they are entered in the list of Red List, the list of protected species because these sharks are almost extinct. This fish population declined due to increasingly limited habitat their lives, as more increasingly human population. In addition, they are often hunted by irresponsible fish collectors. Even local residents are often caught because it is considered as a predator other fish. Even local residents are often caught because it is considered as a predator other fish.

Source : http://www.kaskus.us

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