Sabtu, Oktober 10, 2009

Obama Win Nobel Peace Prize

President of the United States, Barack Obama won nobel peace 2009. The Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to give awards to Obama, Friday, October 9, 2009, for trying to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation among nations.

The decision of the Committee for the Nobel peace prize awarded to a president who was barely 9 months in power, and has not recorded a major success in the major policies in foreign policy, surprised many observers and sparked international pros and cons.

This decision surprised observers because the Obama's official served him as president less than two weeks before the nomination deadline nobel on February 1. Many Nobel watchers argued the time is still too early to confer nobel for him.

The Committee praised Obama steps to hold the Muslim world and prevent the development of nuclear weapons. "Very few people like Obama who can seize the attention of the world and gives us hope for the future better.

Multilateral diplomacy occupies a central position again, with an emphasis on the task undertaken by the United Nations and international institutions ", according to the Nobel committee.

Source : Kedaulatan Rakyat
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