Rabu, Oktober 07, 2009

A Walk to Remember

Your journey saves a million memories that are not forgotten. The memories across distance and time, you can bundle and save into a travel journal. When it comes to traveling, sometimes we have various plans, rules and all neat. This time, in writing a travel journal, it's ok to break the rules! These are some tips to make your own travel journal cool.
  1. Choosing the book. Select lightweight durable hardcover blank book, which is large enough to contain a variety of objects, photographs, or comments you would enter there. Of course, this book should always be taken wherever you go.
  2. Keep the tickets, receipts, and other memoirs! Collect train tickets, entrances to the amusement park, theater tickets, shopping receipts, receipt of food and other. Include or attach to your travel journal as a reminder and supplementary writings. Do not forget to include the date.
  3. Be Creative! in your book, get all the desperation that resides within you. play with markers, paper clips, stickers, tape, and even aluminum foil, or even the rest of the food packaging of the famous restaurant that once you visit, to increase the uniqueness and creativity of the travel journal.
  4. Be silly, be you! create and attach silly pictures with "angle" or unusual expression when you vacation. sometimes, the photos can describe the truth of yourself. Just let yourself out! Fill with silly comments as the photo caption. Guaranteed, when you saw it again, you will smile, recalled the pleasant memories.
  5. Here, there, and everywhere. Don't delay the time to write things that you experienced during the holidays. Because if you're home, vacation experience that excitement has faded. Your travel journal will be less alive.

source : tamasya, teman wisata anda

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  1. A walk to remember..
    judul pilem beudz c...

    yg original kalo bs nuh.. yg bner2 nunjukin siapa sofowng..
    ahhaha... Downg suka backgrounna..abstrak beudz..
    keep spirit za!! ^0^

  2. ehmmh.. blogna temana tentang brita n inpo downg.. ya bukan tentang shofa na,, :)

    thanks 4 a comment.. how bout suggestion??

  3. yang meneriiiik dunl infooonya