Senin, Oktober 12, 2009

Tully, The Amazing Duck

This duck had to undergo emergency surgery after surviving for several days with a 4-inch nail embedded in the skull. Poultry, called Tully by a veterinarian, had been shot in the head with a nail gun. But it took three days to catch Tully to be saved from the nails that come out of both sides of the head.

Once caught, Tully was taken for emergency surgery at the vet in Devon Meadows, Victoria, in Australia.

After being caught, then the veterinarian did emergency surgery to Tully in Devon Meadows, Victoria, Australia.

After giving Tully an anesthetic, the vet finally could remove the nail that pierced his head that's only 4 mm from the eye.

Nigel Williamson, 43, from Australia Animal Rescue, was the first who saw Tully, he said: "before trying to catch him, I saw the duck was still able to find food, swimming, and doing things that should be a duck, with a nail in its head". "The duck did not seem to care about it at all, but in good health".

Mr Williamson added: "We do not know who did it but we saw many ducks were hurt when the school holidays, may be the children".

"It's really a cruel act that unbelievable. It's hard to believe that someone wanted to do something like this. Fortunately the duck recovered quickly."

Tully spent 10 days in a course of antibiotics to stop infection before being released.

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