Kamis, Oktober 29, 2009

New record! World's Longest beard

This record has not been updated until the end Sarwan measuring a few months ago. The results of these measurements will be sent to the Guinness World of Records for verification. While based on the Guinness World Record, the owner of the world's longest beard is Hans Langseth from Norway, 17 feet 6 inches or 5.4 meters. But Hans had died. While female record holder for longest beard is Deveree Janice in 1884.

Having a very long beard is actually separate problem for Singh, because he often stumbled. While to hide it has any trouble because his beard is too long. However, Singh himself was determined not to cut the beard troubled, though the risk is it becomes a little inconvenience. He admitted a lot of time wasted just to deal with the beard.

Singh is a Sikh school teacher. He did not want to attract the attention of his students, because every time he wrapped up his beard teaching.

"A beard is the blessing of God but I do not want to flaunt it in school, eliminating the concentration of learning my students," said the father of two children who are humble.

Singh is one of the few people who study the teachings of the Sikh who had the honor of singing hymns at the Golden Temple (Golden Temple) in Punjab

There, Singh along with 150-200 Sikhs who also has a long beard will show off their beards at the general public without hidden. It would be troublesome, because hundreds of Sikhs were going to let their long beard hanging down. They have to walk carefully in order not to fall.

Source : http://www.kaskus.us

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